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Fulfill environmental sustainability goals by planting with us

Plant a tree for Planet Earth
At we provide a cost-effective service to Millennial individuals and companies from all around the globe to Plant or Gift trees whenever they want from any corner of the world.
You can contribute for the better future of this world by Planting or Gifting trees to your friends & family on specials occasions be a wedding, an anniversary, Birthday, birth of a child, house warming, a graduation, or to Make someone’s death Eternal by individually planting one or more trees & making earth a better Place to live.

Key Environmental Goals at our Focus

Though trees provide countless benefits to the Planet earth but here are the major Benefits at our focus @ TheTreePlanet.


Enhacement of Biodiversity

To restore degraded lands to combat desertification, promote sustainable biodiversity conservation and improve the livelihoods of local communities.


Carbon Sequestration

To use plants as carbon sink, About 25% of global carbon emissions are captured by plant-rich landscapes such as forests, grasslands and rangelands. When leaves and branches fall off plants or when plants die, the carbon stored either releases into the atmosphere or is transferred into the soil.


Increase in Green Cover

To increase the Green cover helping to limit the rate of climate change. A mature tree can absorb up to 150kg of carbon dioxide every year – planting 12 trees can offset one year’s worth of a person’s entire carbon dioxide emissions.


Rural Employment Generation

To create self-employment opportunities in rural areas and small towns & support the community (Native people & livestock) that benefit from its plantation.


Reduction in Air Pollution

Remember, trees breathe in pollutants like carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen for us to inhale. It's a pretty neat cycle and is crucially important to living systems. In one year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange. So next time you take a deep breath of air give credit to a tree or hug a tree in thanks for what it gives us – the very air we breathe



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